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What it means for your organisation ...

Look around and you will see decades of neglect and a complete lack of maintenance.


Filthy signs, un-swept roads, safety islands and kerbs overgrown and left to rot and verges full of litter, much of which is many years old.

The negative impact this has on the local area is massive.

It’s known as the broken windows theory. Litter attracts litter, nobody cares and it fuels crime and a feeling of insecurity and misery.

Lunchtime walks in pleasant surroundings are simply not possible and this impacts property prices in the are as well as the trade of local shops, pubs restaurants and cafes. Clients visiting your premises are greeted by poor conditions that say little about your business and this can affect their investment in your business and your ability to retain staff and attracting new talent.


We have all became conditioned to this environment making us “litter blind” but deep down it affects our mental health, wellbeing and happiness.


By sponsoring a Littergram Adopted Zone, your local area will be instantly transformed and maintained that way. Clear signage is put up promoting your business and letting everyone know this is a Littergram Adopted Zone that your business sponsors.

Because we are psychologically affected by our surroundings, this cleaner, fresher look, instantly brings positivity, happiness and safety to the community, driving prosperity and allowing local people and business to thrive and take pride.

As a sponsoring organisation of a Littergram Adopted Zone, your business can raise its profile by showing that it not only cares for its staff but takes responsibility for the wider community and fulfils part of its ESG responsibilities with complete transparency.   

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